Early Childhood

Infants through kindergarteners meet on the lower level of the building during the whole service in classrooms divided by age. Our early childhood classes follow a rotation of free play, story and snack, and then group play. If you would like your children to take communion with you, you may check them out of their class early.  


Does Not Meet in the Summer.

First through fifth graders meet on the upper level of the building. Our elementary kids interact with each other through games and conversation, then hear an oral telling of a story from Scripture, have a time of response and sharing, then join their parents (after parents have received them from their rooms) in the service for Eucharist.  


Does Not Meet in the Summer.

Does not meet in the summer. Sixth through twelfth graders meet the second Sunday of the month during the service on the main floor. They spend time with each other and the youth volunteers doing various things like playing games and interacting together with the Bible. Beginning in January, they will be diving into the Genesis values! Our teens also partake of communion in the service.