Eat-Ups are an invitation to meet with Genesis people you may or may not know over a shared meal and conversation.

We invite you to come with a curious mind and open heart. If you really hit it off with someone at your Eat-Up we’d love for you to reach out and continue getting together on your own. Our hope is that Eat-Ups will be an in-road, where stories are shared beyond Sunday mornings and connections are made.  

Ready to go? Start by looking at the Events page and finding an Eat-Up that fits you. Then, sign up below! Each host has a set number of chairs to fill (different size dining rooms, you know) and Eat-Ups will fill on a first-come, first-served basis. If you get a spot the Eat-Up Host will contact you with the address and what you can bring to contribute to the meal. Each Eat-Up host will host on a regular basis, but the group around the dinner table will be different each time. Fun, right? If your first choice Eat-Up is full, don’t panic! There are more Eat-Ups coming. Keep checking our Events page, and subscribe to the Genesis Weekly Email for the latest updates.


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