Step One: Set the Tone

What is Genesis vacation? It's surprisingly good food for a retreat center (they do food restrictions well.) We all show up. We hang out. We sleep. We eat meals. We sing. We roast marshmallows. We tell stories. We eat more. There's no striving and no rushing. There are people who know each other and plenty of folks that don't know a soul. It's "pay what you can" and we mean it. 

We have two of these vacations under our collective belts, and before you register, we are inviting you to ponder/consider a few questions first. These questions may inform your next steps - with whom or where you room, how you come, and what you do.


What do I need?

What sounds delightful or life-giving to you? Would you like a walk with a friend? To try to overcome an obstacle, like climbing a giant wall or whizzing down a zip-line? To read a book snuggled up by a fire? To finally get some quiet? To play a game with new friends? We find that it's hard to vacation peacefully unless you have an inkling of what you're looking for in the first place. 


What do WE need? (this question is two-fold)

  1. If you are entering the weekend with another, or a few (whether family or friends), what do you collectively need? Do you need to play together? Is there a talk you’ve been putting off? Are there others you’ve desired to connect with outside of Sunday?

  2. What does our church body need? What are the community needs and desires you’re hearing or feeling at Genesis? Is there an opportunity to specifically invite someone to come on vacation with us? Do you have Genesis friends you could share with someone new? Are you willing to strike up a conversation with someone whose name you don't know?  What would bring you joy in giving to another?


What do I hope will happen?

What is it that you would like to see happen on vacation? It is so important to name our desires. Then, once we've named them, let's hold them loosely in order to lean into curiosity about what God has in store, and towards what we truly need.