At Genesis West, we celebrate two sacraments: baptism and the Eucharist. A sacrament is a visible sign of an inward grace. Sacraments are physical elements that convey a spiritual reality; they represent the present action of God, versus memorial of what God has done.

What is believer baptism? 

In believer baptism, an individual is professing their faith in Christ publicly, proclaiming that their sins have been forgiven and that they desire to follow Jesus with their lives. We practice full immersion as a way of showing that the person has died to their sins (as they go under the water), and has been raised to new life in Christ (as they come back up out of the water). 

Why should someone decide to be baptized? 

If you have decided to follow Jesus, baptism is one of the "moments" in your life that marks that decision. Most people say that their baptism was a very important time in their life. Followers of Jesus have been baptized for over 2,000 years. If you've never been baptized, I'd strongly encourage you to consider joining us for this believer baptism. 

What happens during the actual baptism ceremony? 

One of the pastors, or someone else of your choosing, will ask you these questions before briefly immersing you under the water, and then bringing you back up:

  • Do you repent of your sins, confessing Christ as your Savior and Lord and living as his faithful apprentice?

  • Will you devote yourself to discovering your life in God with the people of God? 

  • Will you participate in the life of the church, to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God? 

Click here to start the process of being baptized at Genesis West.

Please email us if you have more questions and would like to talk to a pastor about baptism.