Everyone grows at their own pace, each season brings its own challenges, and God is always inviting us into new beginnings. It makes sense that we’d need different environments to pursue God and each other as our needs change.
— Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor

We’ve identified five unique environments for you to engage with God - and others - according to what you currently need. As you read through the environments below, look for the one - or two - that seems to resonate with you during this season. Feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing us at hellowest@genesiscov.org.



Sacramental environments use visible symbols, rituals and experiences to help people connect with the invisible but real presence of Christ (Sunday worship services, infant baptisms and dedications, and believer baptism.

Reflect: Are you hungry to experience God through mystery? Do you need to experience Christ through the receiving the Eucharist or engaging in worship and prayer? Is it time to receive baptism, or remember your baptism?



Relational environments cultivate meaningful relationships from casual/social settings to intimate and supportive groups (community groups, tiny groups and our three big events: All Church Vacation, Annual Fourth of July Picnic, and the Christmas Party).

Reflect: Are you longing to feel less alone? Do you feel like you have space in your life to listen and laugh with others? What kind of relationships do you feel drawn to these days?



Missional environments offer opportunities for individuals and teams to serve, support, and advocate for the needs of others as a way of joining God’s restorative work in the world (Membership, Volunteer teams, Generosity Team).

Reflect: Are you sensing it’s time for you to be less self-referential, to give of yourself in ways that make a difference to someone else? What kinds of service are you most drawn to in this season of your life?



Developmental environments are designed to help people learn something new and/or expand their understanding of God, themselves, and the world (Learning Labs, Scripture Circles, Kids andTeen ministry.

Reflect: Are you expanding into a new way of thinking or believing, but you’re not sure what to deconstruct and what to reconstruct? What do you want to learn? What new experiences do you long for?



Pastoral environments offer care for those that desire support, advice, and/or resources during seasons of transition or difficulty (Prayer, Weddings, Funerals, Meal Team, hospital visits, pastoral care, marriage support).

Reflect: In what areas of your life do you need healing? What kinds of prayer would feel beneficial these days? What kinds of help you willing to ask for, and what are you willing to receive?