You may be wondering why we do something so antiquated - or maybe even exclusive - as membership. Or, you may think membership is what holds the church together. Chances are, you haven’t thought that much about it. First of all, you do not have to be a member to participate in about 97% of what we do, including receiving the Eucharist, joining a group, attending congregational meetings, or even volunteering. You do need to be a member if you’d like to serve as an elder or vote at an annual meeting.

Membership at Genesis West is seen as a missional activity because it’s reserved for those who are willing to sacrifice time, financial resources, energy for others.

Because our church is congregational in its polity, we are an independent body that makes its own decisions about annual budget, hiring its pastors, electing elders, and so on. Therefore, membership is required by our constitution and it explains how we make decisions together. Becoming a member at Genesis West is not about the benefits that members receive, it is about taking on the responsibility of discerning and doing God’s will together, and choosing to serve each other in unity.

Saying yes to membership at Genesis West is saying yes to intentional community, where we take responsibility to support the life and health of our congregation.

Here’s what we say about membership in our constitution: Membership in the church is recognized to be those who trust Jesus as Lord and Savior and have been born anew by the Holy Spirit. Members are committed to participation in the life of Genesis, through living as an apprentice of Jesus and through attendance, sacrificial giving of talent and resources, and praying for the vision of Genesis and its leaders.

Everyone who desires to become a member must attend a membership class. Our next membership class is Sunday, November 10th from 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm. Please email to reserve your spot.